The Story


After spending years looking for  and not finding spaces that were affordable, had people that understood the day-to-day walk in our shoes and a true collaborative community we create The Us Space! The Us Space (TUS) is a women of color (WOC) focused collective, answering the challenges of accessibility, lack of convenience, the feeling of loneliness & finding an alternative between the traditional office and working from home.


The Us Space is created to be a positive, affirming, and uplifting environment where ideas can flourish safely. We are an inclusive community where everyone is welcome and ‘the table’ is built for women of color specifically in mind. 

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Our Mission

The Us Space is intentionally creating space for our growing collective of women of color,  their teams & women-centric organizations to thrive. 

Our Vision

To become the leading ecosystem for women to have access to uplifting support. A new kind of intentional space for unapologetic self-starting women forming a socially responsible community, based on support, networking, innovation and fun. Everything at The Us Space is focused on amplifying women, including contracting women-owned companies to revenue-generating opportunities for our members. We intentionally simplify the complexities to reduce mondaine obstacles so women can thrive. We are an inclusive community where everyone is welcome and ‘the table’ is built for women of color specifically in mind. The Us Space will be the ultimate and sought-after place to find a definitive group of professionals for every business’s, organization’s, or individual's needs.

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Our Pilliars

There is power in our P's! Everything we are building and creating is intentional and we use our five P's to navigate.

Professional ---> Support 

Partnership ---> Collaboration

Programming ---> Networking

Productively ---> Energy 

Prosperity ---> Revenue 

Our Values

Innovative Ecosystem - We strive to bring innovative approaches and practical support to each person that interacts within our ecosystem. 


Community Building - Our actions are driven by our member insights and needs, to help create a community built to construct collective social impact.


Woman-Centricity - We value our members and want to remove as many mundane obstacles by providing reliable turn-key solutions. 


Collaboration - Our environment is intentionally built for collaboration to thrive by always seeking and providing opportunities to navigate partnerships based on integrity, trust, & respect. 


Creative Culture - We celebrate cognitive processes and provide space for our members to ideate.

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Partnerships are one of the powers of The Us Space. We have intentionally built partnerships with businesses and organizations to create opportunities for our membership to be seen, heard, and thrive.

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